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Ben is an experienced advisor, coach and speaker who focuses on technology trends and their impacts on business and society.

Ben acts as a trusted strategic advisor and coach working with senior leadership teams throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. He brings over 25 years' experience in software, digital transformation and strategic business consulting, helping customers to place strategic investment in technology at the core of their business.

Ben is also the author of the popular Memia newsletter which explores the cutting edge of new emerging technologies and the implications for society and the economy, with a particular focus on Aotearoa and the wider Indo-Pacific region.

Founder - Ben Reid

What our clients are saying

I would love to connect and hear more about how your organisation is navigating the changing technology landscape. Please drop me your details and I will reach out to organise a quick chat.

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Technology changes the world... grow situational awareness, inform strategy & develop capability. 

Is your organisation asking challenging questions about technology? 

Engage with Ben Reid from Memia for strategic advisory services, coaching, workshops, event speaking and research.

Strategic Advisory and Coaching

What does the future look like for your organisation?

- Today's companies face uncertainty and disruption as customer expectations move to digital

- Agile new online-only competitors arrive seemingly out of nowhere.

- Boards and senior leadership teams need access to key digital, software and data skillsets and experience - to grow situational awareness, inform strategy and develop capability.

Technology changes the world... will your organisation keep up?

Ben works with clients from diverse industry sectors and backgrounds including exporters, international technology companies, public sector agencies and scientific research institutes.  

Typically collaborating with:

  • Senior leadership teams / boards of directors
  • Senior technology / digital focused executives
  • Senior public sector policy advisors
  • Growth investors

Who we work with:

Why work with Memia?

- Keep abreast of emerging technologies and their potential impacts on your industry

- Identify, interpret and understand key emerging technology trends in your target markets

- Understand the technology opportunities and risks in your business

- Place digital technology investment at the centre of your business strategy with confidence

- Establish best practice digital and innovation portfolio governance

  • Trusted, experienced
  • Results-based 
  • Deep strategic technology planning skillset 
  • Broad tech sector experience 
  • Tailored engagement format 
  • Agile, responsive, timely delivery

Why Choose Memia?

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Ben over the years on several technology projects. Ben has a great way of breaking down complex problems and making sense of all the noise! Ben is a highly capable leader in IT and I recommend Ben to anyone that is seeking to engage a senior and very knowledgeable IT professional.”

"Ben is one of my intellectual superheroes. I especially admire his eclectic and curious mind, and his ability to accommodate and synthesise multiple points of view." - CTO, Global Technology Company

"Ben delivered the insights we needed, such a vast pool of knowledge and advice to offer!"


"For smaller business owners we just can't find or access people with these skills. Also [Ben was] just brilliant and very happy to help, reconnect and explain in detail so even those who struggle in certain areas understand it. Brilliant!!"

"The Report was objective and with a clear set of objectives"

"Fresh perspective. Assisted in collecting thoughts and getting them on paper."

Ben was a really well informed helpful facilitator, delivered the insights we needed, such a vast pool of knowledge and advice to offer!